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Storytime: Fake Clothing Company Scam on Instagram

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  1. hahah aw they would have been LUCKY to have YOU represent them. Smh and good for you for standing up and backing away from this scam. Much love to ya :)

  2. Rule number one for finding jobs…. Don't search for them on Instagram, because they have little to no information on their brand, address, legal information, etc. Instagram is for posting pictures! I'd highly recommend you to first start out by searching for "official" businesses on websites that have contact info such as address and phone numbers, customer support, consumer support, etc.

  3. A company that has to talk about how great they are is probably full of it. What is sad is that someone out there will buy into this guys scheme and spend a ton of money. : (

  4. Yea all those numbers the guy was throwing at you made it really sketchy xD by the way, I've been subscribed to you for a while now and this is the first video I've watched and I just wanna say that you're pretty awesome:3 I might check out your channel more often :)

  5. There is a jewelry company on instagram that is also doing something fishy! I mean it seems a little fishy to me. They are asking for a BUNCH of brand ambassadors but you need to buy one of their products (which are over $100). They give you a discount for it but you have to pay for the shipping and handling plus a little leftover of what the cost for the jewelry is. The thing I wanted still came out to be $29 which I think is too much for a piece of jewelry (ya know, being a college student). So yeah, I don't think if this is a reasonable thing or not but I think i'm going to stay out of this one.

    I can't believe that company never even sent people ANY clothes even those that they purchased. :o

  6. I'm offended that someone has such a big ego about their company. WHAT THE HECK. Its like he's talking down on you while trying to get you to be a part of his company. No one wants to work with someone like that.

  7. scary! i get contacted all the time on my insta posts, but i'm currently pretty happy with MTS and TF =D good luck with finding someone you can trust AND like!

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