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Sports Nutrition and Top 20 Exercise Myths – Dr. Jeff Senechal

Dr. Jeff Senechal DC CFMP presents Sports Nutrition and Top 20 Exercise Myths. Diverse Health Services is located in Novi, MI. Check us out at www.diversehealthservices. Thanks for watching.


  1. Great lecture. Way more than I expected on this topic. Dr. Jeff opened my eyes to many things about nutrition and exercise.

  2. i don't understand when he says darker skin = lack of vitamin D some please help

  3. Hi! My husband sweats allllll day at work, is Gatorade enough to keep him hydrated throughout the day and keep his salt levels good? Thanks!

  4. If you really want to make a life altering change to your health you need to understand the mitochondria(engines) in our cells. Utube "the secret to stop aging via oxygen" a 10+ minute animated movie 

  5. I would like to say that lifting heavier weight at low repetition will "not bulk" you up. The closer you get to a one rep max the more muscle is being used and less it is focused on one muscle. Low reps are CNS workouts not myo fibrial. Direct and true myo fibrial training occurs around 5-10 on compounds and 8-12 on individual muscles (smaller) muscle. If you want to bulk a sure way to do it is to lift high reps increasing sarcoplasm in the blood

  6. hi, i am a long distance runner (21km- 70km normally) and recently my heart seems to beat out of rythm after 5Okm and thats when i feel super tired even though my muscles are still good to go. I hydrate during the run (water and energade) , i use MSM supplement before runs….i feel like i am missing something but i dont know what it is …

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