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Follow my personal trainer! He’s the best! (And why I’m so fit!)
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This video is sponsored by Kohl’s, I am so honored to have been able to do a second season for you guys! I am so passionate about health and fitness and was so glad I was able to touch on it this season! Please enjoy!!!

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  1. CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU LAUREN, YOUR BODY NEEDS IT ❤️ do some research about it, it's true!

  2. the most motivational work out/health video i've ever watched, i wanna binge watch more of your videos while on the treadmill. hahaha.

  3. Please make another health and fitness video! LOVED this one! Was thinking about going to the gym all day…LOL and now I'm on my way!

  4. Lauren, do you know any workouts that will help loose belly fat? what foods? please help lmao

  5. One of my fave videos ever. Whenever I'm feeling discouraged I always watch this video. Makes me feel better about myself and influences me to keep going.

  6. I just found your channel and I am already subscribed lol But, I agree with you, beauty starts within and self-confidence plays a big role. I myself have had a low self-esteem in my teenage years and at times it creeps up on me. But, I notice the difference when I take care of myself and remain positive. It's a great feeling when you finally love and accept yourself. Great video! Diffently will be watching more for motivation! :)

  7. I think what you're doing is amazing, I just wouldn't worry so much about protein bc you're most likely getting enough. But you look amazing and what you're doing is fantastic😄😄😘

  8. Every time Lauren says "you're welcome" she sounds exxactly like Sadie from Awkward 😂 right?

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